"Like Leaving Your Message at the Tone Without the Tone"

The Artizt.com Voice URL application

for Windows PC creates a Link or (URL) to an audio message you record with the microphone of your sound card or laptop or notebook. Your audio recording will be immdiately uploaded to the cloud. For convenience the URL of the audio will be copied to the clipboard. You then simply use ctrl-V or the right click menu to insert the URL into your browser, instant message, text message, document, facebook, twitter, web page or anyplace else you can paste a link. When you or someone clicks on the VXIRL link their browser will play your audio message to them wherever they are. Use the Windows Installer or unzip the zip file to run VXIRL on your computer. Click the link to hear a sample.

Thank you for trying the original prototype evaluation version of VXIRL. Use is subject to revision or termination of service without notice at any time. Neither I nor artizt.com will be held liable for any loss incurred through the use of this product. The intention of the author is to propogate this paradigm to many other platforms.


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or Listen to a Sample

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