Presents: Brian Vogl's online Portfolio of projects.

Arthur C Clarke said "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."
"If you need a custom software or hardware solution then please consider me."

Welcome to Computer Communications (CC)
This is where I showcase my computer hardware & software developer skills.
Rarely maintained often it sits neglected, It was Last Updated 1/2019.

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My Recent Resume:
The Rubiks Cube:
The MandelBrot set:
Rock Assault:
The Wall Grafitti:
Skroly Scrolling Marquee:
The Economic Simulator:
YX3Z SEXY T Shirt sales:
Friends Drink Free:
Android Servo Controller
Online Voice Recorder:
Online Lending Library:
Power Paragliding Videos:
Gann Astrological Trading:
Base Conversion program:
Trek Tracker:
Taginit Location Tagging:
Team map:
Flying stuff: