Synopsis of Skill Set of Mr. Brian P. Vogl.

I have been programming pretty much full time since the early 1980's. When not programming specifically for an employer, I would take on personal projects. That I would work on after my regular job. Some of these projects I have duplicated in java and made available on my web pages at Please check them out.

The following represents approximately the length of time I have spent developing my skills in each of the language areas. Due to mixed language methods of programming some areas overlap and this is simply a relative gauge of overall knowledge of and expertise in the particular skill.

Programming Languages used:

C Programming Quick C compiler cc --- 9 years
C programming for Unix cc, gcc --- 8 years
C++ OOP programming Visual C++ ver 4 to 8 --- 10 years
--- MFC (Foundation Class Libraries) --- 4 years
--- Templates: STL, ATL (COM & DCOM) --- 4 years
--- Windows C# . Net and --- 4 years
Windows Mobile 3-6. --- 5 years
--- WinCE --- 5 years
Microsoft Visual Basic programming ver 2 to 6 --- 5 years
--- MS VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) --- 3 years
Microsoft Visual --- 4 years
Informix 4GL Programming --- 2 years
SQL programming --- 8 years
--- Informix --- 2 years
--- Microsoft SQL server 7.0 --- 1 years
--- PLSQL --- 2 years
--- MySQL --- 6 years
Java OOP programming --- 5 years
HTML 4 through 5 --- 8 years
PERL --- 2 years
Other languages include in order of expertise
Basic, Lisp, Bourne Shell scripting, Motorola assembly,
Intel assembly, REXX, Fortran, Pascal, ADDA, Smalltalk --- 5 years
Operating systems used
Windows including 3.X, 95, 98, NT, XP, 7 --- 20 years
Unix Appache, Sun, Sparc, HPUX etc... --- 9+ years
Linux --- 6 years
OS-2 --- 1 years

Other Skills:
I understand electronics that being my first profession. I know how to troubleshoot circuitry to component level. I have done extensive logic / microprocessor design, and design of support circuitry, mainly using CMOS mpus like the 68705G2, A2 boards, Arduino, RaspBerry PI, Rabbit Microprocessors. I have written embeded code for these types of microprocessors. I understand logic and have done design work with discreet components,

Areas of future interest, and probable future study:
Artificial Intelligence, Robotics control systems.